A minimum of 50% of the classes of the degree will be taught in English following the CLIL methodology (Content and language integrated learning). CLIL is based on the methodological principles of “linguistic immersion”, which suppose an improvement of linguistic competences with the aim of promoting the teaching of non-linguistic subjects in foreign languages (English).

In addition to this percentage of classes in English, this degree also offers students the collaboration of tutor-teachers, (specialize in bilingualism in primary schools and high schools) who will participate in the seminars in order to provide their experience in real bilingual classes. Thus, students will be exposed to specific methodological dimension of bilingual contexts.

The following subjects will be offered in English in the first year:

-Tutoring Procedures and Familiar education (Semester 1)

-Education Sociology (Semester 1)

-Sociology of Gender Relations and Family  (Semester 2)

-Didactic and Reseach of ICT Resources (Semester 2)