What are the aims of the degree?

To train teachers in bilingualism due to the spread of bilingual schools and bilingual sections all over Spain.

With this Degree, we aim to facilitate our graduates their incorporation to the professional world.

Who is it for?

It is addressed to students with a good English competence and willing to be employed in bilingual teaching in schools or international institutions.

It is also addressed to international students and international faculty.


Is it compulsory to present the English level Certificate to get access?

It is not obligatory, but it is recommended to have a good level of the English language (B1, or higher).

How to access?

The way to access is by regular registration, like any other student who want to access to the Primary Education Degree. The requisites will be the same for both degrees (academic transcript note).

When the registration is formalized, students have to select: PRIMARY BILINGUAL EDUCATION DEGREE –GROUP C- AFTERNOON TIMETABLE. Mark YES in this option.

Which language will be used?

A minimum of 50% of classes will be taught in English. There will also exist the collaboration of bilingual tutors of elementary schools (in collaboration with the Government of Extremadura), who will provide undergraduates the methodological dimension called AICLE (Integrated Learning of Foreign Languages and Contents). There will be linguistic support of readers as well.

What subjects are taught in English in the first course?

-Tutorial Action and Familiar Education (Semester 1)

-Sociology of Education (Semester 1)

-Educational and Technological Resources and Research (Semester 2)

-Sociology of Gender Relations and Family (Semester 2)

 Why the afternoon timetable?

Because the bilingual tutors from primary schools´ collaboration is only available in the afternoon.

Who are the teachers that will teach classes in English?

Those teachers of the Teacher Training College with an international career and who hold a B2 level (or higher). Some of those teachers are native speakers of the English language. Others hold predoctoral and postdoctoral stays in E.E.U.U. and Europe, in addition to the Language Competence Certificate.

What does it mean being the first degree in Primary Bilingual Education accredited by ANECA?

Once studies are finished, graduates will obtain the official certificate in Primary Bilingual Education. Up to now, it is the only official bilingual Degree in Spain.